Sep 12

Americans Meet the Need!

Like many, I was disgusted by Sen. Cory Booker’s “Spartacus” deception during the hearings on Judge Kavanaugh last week. It was childish, incredibly amateurish and insulting to most thinking adults.

Trump Should…

  • Hang a nickname on Booker, New Jersey’s Junior Senator who has not yet been indicted
  • “Crooked Cory”, in honor of his deceptions would fit and mark him as Hillary’s successor
  • “Crazy Cory” may be more appropriate evidenced by the response of the American people to his silly antics.

Contrary to the Elite Media and Washington Babblers, thinking Americans see through most political tricks like the one that flopped for Cory. We meet the needs of responsible citizenship in spite of all the attempts to manipulate public opinion. Recent (9/11/2018) polling data from Rasmussen gives valuable insight.

The percentage of Likely Voters voters who think Kavanaugh will be confirmed actually increased (To 84%) after Cory and his pals put on their show during the hearings. The Dems saw a 15 point bump in conformation expectations after their performance. Clearly, Americans are not being suckered by their political stunts or the coverage being given to them by the Elite Media.

We desperately need an informed electorate in 2018 because the outcome will impact everyone’s future.

Trump Should also urge reporters to ask Bob Woodward…”As a reporter, would you accept as “Truthful” and “Factual” information gathered and presented by the government if that government used exactly the same methods to gather that information that you used for this book?”