Apr 01

America Has Been Attacked!

Desperate Dem Leaders, some facing criminal charges all the way up to treason, have forced Pres. Trump to publicly meet their attack on America with an investigation that will expose all of the Elite’s Deep State political operators.

Weaponizing resources of the federal government to attack an opposing Presidential candidate with a manufactured treason charge is a direct attack on our Republic. Continuing the attack in an attempt to override the honest outcome of that election is even worse.

This is not an ordinary conflict between political parties, personalities, factions or philosophies within the framework of self-governing America.

These are the actions of a cabal built by Elites here and probably with help from abroad well beyond Ms. Clinton’s funding of Russian research on Trump. The planning appears to have been the upper levels the Obamas’ team of appointees and senior staff. The operational arm appears to have spread across numerous Federal Agencies with focal points in the Intelligence groups, the FBI, DOS and the DOJ.

When they failed in the election, their work continued as a Deep State operation.

The core interests of the Russians, Chinese, Iranians and others continue to be served by individuals in positions of power including the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Ms. Pelosi, plus several powerful, unscrupulous committee Chairs and others.

Those who share the guilt all the way to the very highest levels of power must now be uncovered and brought to justice. In part, because that is what is right, in part to restore public confidence in the very idea of self-governance through an honest election process and finally, the punishment administered must deter any temptation to attempt such an illegal takeover ever again.

We know it is a traditional tactic for Russia in general and Putin in particular to accuse others of what they are actually doing in secret so we must be especially on guard in the next election. It is unlikely that the Dem Leaders who are continuing to disregard the “No Collusion” findings of the Mueller Investigation are actually agents of Putin. However, they are clearly helping Elitists abroad and here to divide Americans at a time when national unity is critical for us to face our foreign and domestic challenges successfully.

Trump Should…

  • Rhetorically step back from the Pelosi, Schiff, Swalwell sillies and rise above the fray from time to time. The country needs the re-assurance that only a very Presidential Trump can provide
  • Allow trusted, verifiable hands at DOJ, the FBI, and all of the Intelligence agencies to build on the Inspector General investigations now being concluded at those agencies until the perpetrators of these acts are identified and caught.
  • Allow young Americans now and in the future to enjoy the freedoms we inherited and defended.
  • Stand tall as a patriot when this nasty work is done!



Editor’s note: Cheerleading by Elite controlled, ethically corrupt elements in the news media for conflict disasters in America to maintain their control will be addressed separately. Thank goodness for Trump’s Tweets to get the truth out. Two Must Reads on the subject are…

  • Glenn Greenwald’s piece dated 3/25/2019 in The Intercept
  • Matt Taibbi’s early release of his first chapter Hate, Inc. (accessible via Glenn’s piece)