Sep 05

How Bad Is It and Will It Ever End?

Your editor’s professional political career began with a State GOP Committee in 1964. It has included consultant duties for two GOP Presidents.

I have seen some stuff! I have never seen anything like the Kavanaugh hearings.

Yesterday morning this editor wrote about the behavior of almost half of the Senate’s Judiciary Committee at the hearing that began Tuesday. Today I begin with this prediction-the Democrats will not nominate any of the Senators on that committee for President in 2020 even though all of them think they should be picked and four members are already campaigning. If TV impact is the measurement, they were uniformly lousy. Their collective behavior was so bad in fact, that Judge Kavanaugh had to remove his young daughters from the hearing.

If just one reporter in DC connects a protester to a Senator, to any partisan entity or to political payments, it will be headline news. Sinister Schumer orchestrated the Dem’s show. It was clear their lines were scripted but dumbly done. The most visible anger of the day came when the silly Senator from Hawaii was interrupted by a protestor who clearly “jumped a Que” by shouting when a Dem was talking.

Politics, as all campaign pros know, is a matter of voter perceived contrasts. The contrast between every Dem TV screech and the calm demeanor of the GOP bench was incredible. Kavanaugh’s statement was clearly the greatest contrast of the day because it was so apolitical.

Another great contrast was the patience and integrity shown by Committee Chair, a farmer from Iowa named Grassley. His saving grace may well be that he has never been to law school. He was a sheet metal worker. He knows a little about sharp edges, angles and pointy points. He wasn’t perfect but was close enough.

Finally, the guy Trump should invite for a W.H. strategy lunch ASAP is appropriately named Sasse. Ben is the Junior Senator from Nebraska and he used his moment in the spotlight to do the unthinkable-lecture the Congress with a sincerity and laser-like focus I’ve never before seen when the actual ills of the institution are described publicly, precisely and with real purpose by a sitting Member. While Trump must not go beyond “Moral support” for Constitutional and political reasons, reform of Congress will be a major issue for the 2020 elections. Sen. Sasse will lead the effort.