Jul 03

Children Paying the Price

The D.C. Swamp is becoming a sewer because Trump is draining it from the top. Sadly, some of the victims are children who are being used by politicians, child sex traffickers and drug smugglers. It is incredible to me that any parent would turn their children over to criminal gangs to journey across one or more countries. We do not have current, reliable data on how many of these kids are actually sold into child sex rings or into  slave labor for drug runners. Tragically, it is also possible that some could be forced to kill themselves as terrorist bombers here. As humanitarians, we must halt this nasty practice by reducing incentives.

Trump Should…

-Immediately return all illegal aliens to Mexico whose government facilitates their breach of our border. We do not have to return them to a country of origin. When the “Wall” is up and the border secure, we will simply turn them back into Mexico anyway.

-Eliminate access to federally funded social services to non-citizens above 15 years old.

-Restrict asylum applications to our ports of entry that are equipped to process those applications.

-Control the transfer of funds from the U.S. into Mexico.

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