Jun 30

Power to the People!

The first step in the destruction of this old hippy cry from the 1960’s is government secrecy. When the FBI and DOJ are allowed to get by with CYA (“Cover Your A..”) secrets by falsely claiming national security, we are in deep trouble. When Deep State bureaucrats can even keep these secrets from Committees of Congress with oversight responsibility consistent with our Constitution, the danger to the people is imminent and freedom threatening.

Trump Should…

  • Demand to examine unredacted copies of the relevant documents.
  • Require a written report from FBI/DOJ naming every employee who played any role at all in the redaction/withholding of information requested by Congress.
  • Declassify the information that should not be classified according to your National Security experts.
  • Release that information to Congress and to the public as appropriate.

Mr. President, please also note that freedom has enemies and occasionally they get onto the taxpayer’s payroll with government jobs.  We must all be alert to those who are a danger to the Republic.

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