May 05

T-S Report 5/5/2018 Trump Should

T-S can stand for many things but today we reference “Trump Should”.

Our President, like the rest of us is not perfect but the results he is producing for everyday Americans justify our efforts to help him with the very best advice we can give to him.

Today’s T-S Report is focused on the Mueller. Our suggestions are…

  • Informal fact exchange with Trump and Mueller each asking questions managed and moderated by Cong. Trey Gowdy.
  • If Mueller can’t make the case now that Trump asked for and got election help from Russia, stop the investigation by July 4.
  • Force full coverage on remarks by Judge Ellis and the Mueller memo from Deputy AG Rosenstein
  • Use all surrogates daily to demand balanced news coverage on substantive matters instead of silly stuff like “Stormy”.

We encourage you to forward your suggestions to us at…


We will publish the best and forward them to Washington.