Apr 07

Trump ‘N Trade Prediction

By: Editor@thePoliticalProphet.com

We have not had a world leader in 50 years as effective as Pres. Trump is in the use of common sense to think, speak and act.

As usual, the world’s Elites have outsmarted themselves with equity trade guesswork. They should have asked me because I know how this “Trade War” will end.  Sadly, common sense is not a language Elites speak. Maximizing good outcomes for people who actually work is not a goal selfish Aristocrats grasp. They never catch up with Trump.

We Predict: Trump will demand and eventually get trade equity. Anyone who puts a 20% import tariff on American made cars will face a 20% import tariff to enter our market. Tag our farm exports? We will do the same to you. Allowing a bunch of bureaucrats from the State Department to dictate our trade policy in search of the next world pacifier has been stopped. Trump will now use the unequaled American marketplace and our technology to free the world of artificial trade barriers!

In an admittedly perverse way, I personally hope the Elites continue to soil their undergarments for a while but Trump’s strategy will work. This will be a very short “Trade War” with few casualties and everyone will win.