May 10 Comey Plans Presidential Run, Trump Learned

Q-“What is the real story about Comey and is he running for President?”

Short Answer-He is not the first victim of “Egomania” in Washington and he won’t be the last. His ego did get bigger than Obama’s and Trump’s combined. He has gone beyond rational.

Political Prophet Prediction-Jim Comey plans to oppose Pres. Trump in the 2020 election. Comey loves the spotlight and the cameras that much and he honestly feels more qualified than Trump or Obama could ever be.

Brief Analysis-Comey’s grandstanding behavior as Deputy A.G. during the George W. Bush administration was the first semi public insight into his exploding ego. Then, from the 2016 campaign until now, Comey…

  • Refused to give his A.G. boss the FBI report before his media event and broke FBI protocol to do his 7/5/16 TV appearance
  • Repeated his obsession with national TV publicity on 10/28/16
  • Announced his lack of confidence in his boss with other national TV events that continued until Trump fired him.

Political Prophet Prediction: It will be disclosed that Comey has plans to run for President in 2020. We will also learn that Trump discovered the plan and knowing that Comey could use his “Russian Connection Investigation” as the basis for his campaign. Trump promptly fired him.

Editor’s Note: A detailed analysis of why the Clinton/Comey efforts become obvious when viewed via the political lens of Comey’s 2020 Presidential campaign against Trump will follow here.