Sep 28

Playing Without Rules

Why are Dems so much better at the political game than R’s? It was the question I asked myself while a political hack, desperate for re-election named Feinstein, was kneecapping Chairman Grassley on national TV. This is not my first rodeo. I began in professional politics in 1964 with a GOP State Committee position. Lots …

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Sep 27

Dems Destroying #MeToo and Don’t Care

Re-election is so important to Sen. Feinstein that she will destroy two young girls, a wife, a mother and Judge Kavanaugh himself to get some votes back home. She and her Elite Dem friends in DC are also trying to give political cover to other weak Senators wanting to get re-elected so they joined forces …

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Sep 26

Trump Should…

Privately ask Chairman Grassley to have GOP Committee Members to be prepared to respond to Sen. Feinstein when she “goes off the rails” of excessive partisanship. Senate decorum has been destroyed during this process so the best bet for traditionalists is to contain the crises of Senatorial behavior to this hearing by having their Leader …

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Sep 26

Kavanaugh Strategies

Kavanaugh Strategies Trump Should… Continue a “Ladies First” policy and note the very real harm inflected on the Judge’s two daughters, his wife and his mom right now. Privately encourage GOP Judiciary Committee Members to demand an immediate accounting for all funds spent and their sourcing for the political aspects of Dr. Ford’s appearance. After …

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Sep 23

Stalls For Katz’ Stinky Stuff

Stalls For Katz’ Stinky Stuff Stalls are for horses and must be mucked. (If you don’t know-don’t ask) Felines have litter boxes but this particular Katz shovels her own. She has a cycle of Stall and Litter. Now her stinky stuff has reached the load limit for one 18 wheeler and she has already started …

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Sep 20

Look Out Ladies!

Women who are naive enough to believe Radical Elites who claim they will be protected by leftist politicians are learning a tough lesson today. Dr. Ford may prove to be the “Poster child” for those whose lives are sadly crushed by the exploitation of broken promises by the deceivers. First, they leaked her story. Then …

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Sep 18

Hard Questions For Dr. Ford

Dr. Ford, as Judge Kavanaugh’s accuser, must fully answer Judiciary Committee questions regarding all contact she, or anyone assisting her, had with political operatives regarding her accusations. If Dr. Ford has communicated with political professionals at any point during this process they must be identified and she must be subjected to rigorous questioning by the …

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Sep 15

Woodward a One Trick Pony

Bob Woodward is making a bundle of money playing the old “He said, she said” game selling another gossip book. After one history-making stent as a real reporter when he was very young, Woodward has “cashed in” on his reputation with a series of books that have virtually no verifiable reporting. In fact, the reaction …

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Sep 12

Americans Meet the Need!

Like many, I was disgusted by Sen. Cory Booker’s “Spartacus” deception during the hearings on Judge Kavanaugh last week. It was childish, incredibly amateurish and insulting to most thinking adults. Trump Should… Hang a nickname on Booker, New Jersey’s Junior Senator who has not yet been indicted “Crooked Cory”, in honor of his deceptions would …

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Sep 08

The NYT’s Ghostwriter Will Be Identified As…

A lawyer A government employee with taxpayer funded paycheck stubs A pawn for the modern Deep State An Obama appointee retained by Trump A cornerstone of the corruption in the Department of Justice About to become a target for underlings in search of plea deals (which is incredible irony worth a Shakespearian TV special) Having …

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