Jun 04

CYA per Paris

Editor@TellTrump.org “Cover Your A__” is what politicians do. The Obama government was the slickest team of political operatives ever assembled. Their policy was always “Politics first-American interests irrelevant” and Pres. Trump is busy trying to undo the damage. Very few of the folks in this new White House meet the criteria for “Political Professional” and …

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Jun 03

Sheep to Slaughter

The second terror tragedy in England in a matter of weeks reminds us of how fortunate we are to have a Constitution that protects our right to defend ourselves, loved ones and even strangers who are attacked. The Brits have no such right. In fact many of their cops go into the dark and dangerous …

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May 29

Job for Joe

Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) has a job to do because his fellow Democrats are so obsessed with destroying President Trump they have lost legitimacy. For example, Chuck Schumer doesn’t even suspect collusion between Trump and Russia but regardless of damage to the Nation, he will claim something sinister exists as long as the Fake media …

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May 15

TellTrump: Pick Wisely

Q-“Who can ‘Fly’ as Trump’s pick to head the FBI?” Short Answer-Saint Peter with the Gates of Heaven by a 51 to 49 vote. Our Analysis-Dems love the blood! No one will escape attack so he shouldn’t try to appease them. His real worry for this appointment will be publicity hungry GOP Senators whose votes …

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May 11

TellTrump.org: Comey’s Team

Q-“Who would support Comey’s Presidential bid?” A-They will come out of the woodwork like termites. Very soon. Dems have a really thin bench of potential candidates for 2020. A tall, handsome, articulate guy who plays the national news media like a banjo has real potential. Regardless of the truth of the matter, a built- in …

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May 10

TellTrump.org: Comey Plans Presidential Run, Trump Learned

Q-“What is the real story about Comey and is he running for President?” Short Answer-He is not the first victim of “Egomania” in Washington and he won’t be the last. His ego did get bigger than Obama’s and Trump’s combined. He has gone beyond rational. Political Prophet Prediction-Jim Comey plans to oppose Pres. Trump in …

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May 09

TellTrump.org: Stop Russian Election Tricks

Q-“What is the brain trust telling Pres. Trump about stopping Russian Election meddling here and elsewhere?” This particular objective is different from many because Putin will have to be forced to abandon one of his favorite attempts to disrupt democracies. The size of the carrot required to move him would be far too large to …

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May 08

Silly Senator Susan-A Political Prophet Prediction

  Q-“Why does GOP Sen. Susan Collins insist on starting all over to repeal and replace when even the Dems admit the Obamacare sky is falling?” Short answer-All 100 Senators see a President every time they look in a mirror. For them, “Everything is about me!” Observation-Senators, including the Majority and Minority Leaders, do not …

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May 01

Hating Money

Q-“Dems want those who have less to hate those who have more. Is that what the tax cut debate will be about?” Not if Trump’s spokesfolks are smart. The truth is that our tax code should care less about who has a lot and who has only a little. Tax policy must be about using …

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Apr 23

Speak Public Language

Q-“Are the people who speak for Trump doing any better?” Trump’s Budget Director, Mick Mulvaney, did really well with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday today, 4/23/17. Here at TellTrump.org WE RECOMMEND… Those who speak for Trump should always include reference to his efforts to get the politics out of our government agencies like IRS, …

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