May 31

Across the Table

Trump Should… At the appropriate time, allow John Bolton to observe that when Pres. Trump and Scty. Of State Pompeo sit down with the leaders of North Korea, China and Russia it is an experience none of us would relish. The guys across the table have personally ordered horrible tortures we can’t even imagine. These …

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May 23

Obama’s Fingerprints

T-S Report Today Trump Should… Direct the DOJ and all other federal departments and agencies to accelerate the investigations involving Obama/Clinton political operatives who are suspected of spying and other illegal activities directed toward the Trump campaign, transition or Presidency. As we noted yesterday, if they used one spy they used others from other government …

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May 22

More Spies-More Agencies

T-S Report Trump Should… Explain that the IG at DOJ can’t investigate political operatives or other bad actors from Obama’s WH staff, Clinton’s State Department, the politicized Intelligence agencies or anywhere else outside of current DOJ employees. If we are to ever get to the bottom of this with facts, identities and criminal charges where …

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May 20

Nixon Never 5/20/2018 T-S Report

Trump Should… Note that Nixon never: Used FBI spies in a campaign or against a President Used a government wiretap in a campaign or against a President Used National Security/Intelligence agencies for politics Used foreign government operatives to “frame” an opponent Used a fake political “dossier” to get a warrant to spy on a political …

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May 19

Protecting Kids, Politicians and Bureaucrats

T-S Report Trump Should… Demand that our students get the same type of armed protection that politicians and Bureaucrats get Demand immediate Congressional action to encourage and finance the screening, initial firearms training and continuous active shooter response training for school employees who volunteer to participate on a school safety squad. Demand immediate Congressional action …

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May 11

T-S Report Badges, Guns and Corrupt Politicians

Trump Should… Explain why corrupt politicians using badges and guns to manipulate election outcomes is a bigger threat to freedom than Russia or China. Kimberly Strassel’s WSJ piece today suggests that the FBI put a “Mole” (informant) in the Trump campaign before the election. If proven, this will be far more dangerous and disturbing than …

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May 11

T-S Reports Guns and Chairs

Trump Should… Respond to the next gun grab demand with these observations about guns and chairs. “Sitting on your gun isn’t comfortable and using a chair to defend your family from a thug or terrorist is a terrible idea. Both are inanimate objects so they are neither inherently evil nor good. Substitutes for a chair …

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May 09

T-S Report 5-9-2018 Price of Political Hate

Trump Should… Address the Nation seated at his desk in the oval office. He should personally* pay for the broadcast time. The theme/news peg for the address should be “The Price We All Pay For Political Hate Has Become Far Too High!” The core message should be that every American’s safety, prosperity and serenity are …

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May 07

T-S Report 5/7/2018 Re: Kerry

Trump Should: Dismiss John Kerry’s treachery and possibly treasonous activities with the strongest possible language. Specifically, words like… “It is bad enough that Scty. Kerry put America and the world at grave risk of nuclear war by negotiating a disastrous treaty with Iran. That he is too silly to recognize his mistakes even now should …

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May 05

T-S Report 5/5/2018 Trump Should

T-S can stand for many things but today we reference “Trump Should”. Our President, like the rest of us is not perfect but the results he is producing for everyday Americans justify our efforts to help him with the very best advice we can give to him. Today’s T-S Report is focused on the Mueller. …

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