Jul 09

What Happened to John?

Senator John McCain was a patriot who served, was tortured as a prisoner of the communists and served the country, we assume, to the best of his ability at the time. His sacrifices did not appear to embitter him during the years after his release.

With a father and grandfather who both made Admiral, John’s rank near the bottom of his Annapolis class didn’t deter him and he became a Navy pilot. It was his career setbacks in politics that appear to have made him resentful, bitter and focused on revenge against his own Republican Party.

It began when he was mildly reprimanded in the Senate for “Bad judgment” involving the Savings and Loan scandal. He retaliated by partnering with the most liberal Democrat in the Senate to restrict fundraising by his colleagues. That is called “Hitting ‘em where it hurts” and he enjoyed every minute. Having married into great wealth, the restrictions were no deterrent to John’s political ambitions.

John’s next comeuppance at GOP hands came when the party snubbed him for the Presidential nomination and gave it to George W. Bush. Everything he could do to sabotage the party and President Bush, John did with the glee that is known only to the truly vengeful.

John then won the GOP Presidential nomination, lost the election with an incredibly inept campaign and took his resulting revenge to a whole new level. Singlehandedly, he prevented the GOP Senate from repealing Obamacare and wrecked havoc as only a camel inside the tent can.


John is very much like his colleague and fellow veteran, Senator Bob Dole who was seriously wounded and handled his service related challenges very well. Dole also allowed the siren’s song of political power to overcome his judgment and was prone to acts of vengeance.

How did these two men, who have been called “Hero” for decades and whose personal gifts allowed them to both win the GOP Presidential nominations, get seduced by the power trip political office can provide? A life that has the honor of military service during the early adult years then sinks to petty selfishness and vicious vindictiveness later is hard to understand. While politics is a highly competitive profession that tends to attract those who are self confident, there are lots of political folks who never swallow the bitter pill of living only for vengeance.

Sadly, John McCain was tough enough to survive torture by the Communists but not quite man enough to forgive what he perceived as slights by his fellow Republicans.

Right now he is trying to hold the President’s appointment to the Supreme Court hostage. An honorable man in his position would retire and allow his replacement to vote for conformation. John once served to defend America as a pilot. Now bitterness motivates him to behave like the smallest of men.

All things considered, McCain would do well to consider the Bible’s admonition about exactly who claims… “Vengeance is mine…”