Mar 15

Reporters are becoming Lazy Lapdogs

Observation by:

After eight years of Obama worship and even more years of Hillary hustle pandering for Democrats, most political reporters have become Lazy Lapdogs. They live off the scraps fed to them by their political masters. They simply cannot ask tough, meaningful questions to Democrats. Two very current examples are…

  • Did any reporter anywhere ask the PA Democrat, Mr. Lamb, if he voted for Hillary and Obama? Of course not!
  • Did a reporter ask him if Obama and Hillary were actively supporting him? Did their donors contribute to his campaign?

These simple questions were obvious in the context of the campaign he was running (Democrat in Name Only for now) but honest answers would have been contrary to his narrative so they remain unasked and unanswered to this day.

Fair warning-elective government and the freedom it protects cannot function correctly for very long when the news media is corrupt! Remember: These same reporters stayed largely silent about Russian meddling until the Democrats tried to pin it on Trump.