Jan 25

Pelosi Hates Trump More Than She Loves America

Spkr. Pelosi has, very deliberately, put American families at risk. Knife and machete attacks by MS-13 gangs, illegal alien thugs, child abuse and human trafficking by the sex trade plus death and destruction via drugs smuggled across the border represent some of the risks she has been willing to take just to “Stick it to Trump” over new sections for our border wall.

In addition, Pelosi has been quite happy to let members of our Coast Guard, Border Patrol, other Homeland Security employees and other Agencies go without pay just to score political points. What she has done is sick, immoral and clearly unpatriotic. So score round one for Pelosi, the power of the Elite Media to move public opinion to serve the interests of the powerful and the Freshmen Dems in the House who chose to genuflect deeply at the altar of power. They have now joined the establishment.