Apr 30

NIMBY Journalists and the 1st Amendment


aka hypocrisy as an art form

Tough Truth from: Editor@NewsLede.net

People, like journalists, who use words as work tools never lack for what my people (the Irish) call “Chutzpah” Consider…

-at an event organized by journalists

-sponsored by the White House Correspondents’ Association

-Ms. Talev, President of the group, a journalist for Bloomberg

-chose a crude unknown comedian who embarrassed many journalists

-defended the choice and used the 1st Amendment to divert criticism.

Talev  claims that the 1st Amendment prohibits criticism of all journalists!

A Clinton aid tried to defend the WHCA slimy treatment of head table guest, WH Press Secretary Sara Sanders, claiming she is…”mocking you daily for the whole country to watch.”

Here is the Tough Truth…

-Journalists can use the words they choose just like their critics can chose any words they want to rebut or evaluate a news item

-all of us are accountable for the words we use in public

-any claim that some class or profession is “above criticism” is ignorant on the surface

The journalists who belong to the White House Correspondents’ Association should give Sara Sanders a standing ovation all week at the WH press briefings for the pure class she demonstrated as a woman and as a professional during the crude event they hosted.