Dec 13

News Only

Questions from:

My inquiry is prompted by an excellent column by Glenn Greenwald on 12/09/2017 regarding journalism credibility and a lack of transparency by several major media outlets concerning the “Errors” or “Fake News” in last week’s reporting regarding Trump Jr., Russia and WikiLeaks.

The fundamental question is, quite simply, “Why does America not have access to at least one professional news outlet that declines to offer obvious opinions in the form of Editorials or opinions disguised as real news reporting?” With all of the upheaval in the business side of the news industry, why hasn’t someone come forth with a legitimate “News Only” model with really good Investigative reporting for presentation to the marketplace of consumers?

Is the assumption among the owners of news outlets that consumers have become so polarized that they only want news slanted to their opinions? Does the art/science of micro targeting now control not just ads but news reporting as well? Is the satisfaction of greed via political power such a compelling path to riches that providing simple truth has become passé to the ambitious? Are only those personality types who demand attention be given to their opinions attracted to journalism? Is there really no viable market for “News Only” or is that business model untested in today’s marketplace for information?

Is it possible that obsession with celebrity which now dominates every facet of the news industry keeps journalism from sticking to the facts? Are inflated egos really to blame just because huge heads think America needs to know their opinions?

My personal conclusion is that all of the elements listed above plus others contribute to the absence of a credible to all, fact based news source. We need journalism that presents information without offering opinions or slanting the news with some objective other than simple truth telling as best it can be done. It may not be very “Sexy” compared to everything else on today’s journalistic landscape but such an information resource would quickly become invaluable to every American who cherishes freedom and opportunity.

It could also be the only national defense against any of the powerful who would use wealth, corrupt journalism and other campaign resources to completely capture the Congress and the White House to serve their own ends.

In a few days, we will release a report on the possibility that one man may have just such a plan. He has the personal financial, political and media resources to succeed with that plan in today’s environment. The report will highlight hard facts about the indicators that this man’s plan to conquer our Nation is already underway. With today’s political and media corruption, a potential path to the coronation of America’s first monarch is apparent to us and to our companion publication,

The only protection we have against a complete takeover by this man or others with similar resources and intent is a truly free press. Without universal access to truthful information presented without political agenda or purposed corruption, we can’t defend ourselves from a hostile takeover from within.

The availability of a corruption free News Only resource is vital for your freedom and for future generations.