Sep 23

News Nit

Analysis Today:

Nit=Parasite egg on your head.

AP (Associated Press) feeds stories by their “Reporters” to virtually every “News” outlet in the world. They even provide an AP Stylebook that advises outlets how to write and edit. It was the Stylebook that told the folks who produce the “News” you use to replace the term “Illegal Alien” with “Undocumented” and to avoid using the term “Radical Islamic Terrorist” just like Pres. Obama.

By most standards, AP is the largest, most powerful name in news. I used to serve on panels for AP Editor Conventions but the “New” AP has been corrupted to promote a radical leftwing bias. It is now tainting every politically significant story.

AP is the biggest, loudest voice the Liberal Left Elites has anywhere. Quite literally, it is the voice “Control” wants you to hear all day, every day. Money talks and AP not only listens to those who pay-they obey. It is propaganda very finely polished to deceive people into believing it is “News” so they consume it without a critical filter to protect themselves. That is how Fake News gets “Sold” to millions. Consider two current examples…

  • On 09/20/2017, AP reported that Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., was at Reagan National Airport trying to talk his friend, Sen. McCain, R-AR, into supporting his healthcare bill. The next day it came out that the whole story was Fake and that Sen. Graham was actually doing a radio interview. Unlike many who are afraid to correct or to challenge AP because of their power and reputation for retribution, staff from Sen. Graham’s office corrected the AP story.
  • On 09/21/2017, AP reported, sharply criticized and ridiculed the Republican Governor’s Association, RGA, for starting a news outlet of their own to counter Fake News from AP and other corrupt news organizations and reporters.

Those two examples are called “Sins of commission” in my family. An equally current example of a “Sin of omission” by AP involves Radical Left’s excitement over the Democrats’ “Medicare for all” proposal. Avowed Socialist, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-VT, is the sponsor again but this time he is gathering lots of co-sponsors including all of the Democrat Senators who are being touted as likely candidates for President.

While Sen. Sanders’ plan is classic socialized medicine, AP has not had anyone, including socialist Sanders, to publically admit that the proposal is, in fact, socialism. Why won’t AP call Socialism by name, Illegal Immigrants by name or Radical Islamic Terrorists by name?

The answer is simple-Truth is contrary to the political narrative and image AP is paid by Elites to use while propagandizing America to forfeit freedom to the control of their Establishment.

The completely Fake News about Sen. Graham discussing healthcare distributed by AP is part of their recurring pattern of deception with a purpose. Make the Republican Senate (With the Majority Leader’s help) look like a failed institution, make Pres. Trump look impotent as a leader and push acceptance of federally controlled healthcare (1/6th of our economy) as the only viable solution.

Elite power and wealth grows every time the federal government expands. AP is paid by Elites to sell the government growth narrative.

Greeting a new source of public information like the RGA news effort reflects AP’s fear of facts being made available to voters. If AP can crush such efforts, flip the Senate then destroy Pres. Trump and others willing to “Drain the swamp” in Washington, the Elites will retain control. The Establishment they own will control everything for their benefit. The lives of ordinary people will continue to be managed so the rich can get richer and the powerful can gain even more power. That is the Swamp.

Footnote: Funding for RGA news efforts comes from individuals who make donations with no strings attached. Funding for AP comes entirely from corporate “Fee for service” payments that are directly driving their “News” to deliver propaganda over and over again. Which news source do you believe is most likely to give you truthful information?