Nov 10

New Fox Star

Observation by:

The newest star on Fox News is a man. His name is Andrew Peek and he is at the Clements Center for National Security and is a retired Officer from U.S. Army Intelligence.

He was interviewed today, 11/10/2017, by Bill Hemmer and offered a brilliant analysis that was very well delivered. Peek is obviously knowledgeable, astute and is able to deliver his perceptions on TV.

It is easier to look good when the questions are coming from a real pro. In my professional view, Hemmer is consistently one of the top two interviewers at Fox. The other is Harris Faulkner. Both are top tier professionals, don’t play with self-serving “Gotcha games” and carefully avoid becoming “The story” themselves.

In fact, if they fired most of the staff at Columbia’s Journalism school and turned the teaching over to these two anchors, the news business and the American people would be well served. Columbia would stop looking like a Hack Factory for the Radical Left.