Sep 03

Mysteries of the Media

While having the increasingly monolithic media try to trick us with Fake News is frustrating, it is not the greatest danger they pose to our free society. Most of their Fake News stories are so phony, twisted and predictable; they are obvious to viewers, listeners and readers.

The far greater threat from the Elite Media comes from the news they try to hide from us. Like corrupt politicians and other enemies of the good, they sweep their secrets under a rug hoping they will remain hidden forever from the people who need to know.

Now the people of America (and the world for that matter) have an incredibly strong, brave ally who is not afraid to take on the Elite media. Pres. Trump is pointing the finger of fault right where it belongs. He is demanding reforms and simple truth from the media.

The Elite Power Brokers are directing their media minions to fight back with every dirty trick in the book. Hundreds of newspapers controlled by the Elites published anti-Trump editorials on the same day. Networks like NBC and cable outlets like CNN try sneak attacks but usually get caught. The tech giants like Facebook, Google, Yahoo and the others are now trying to skew their content by blocking conservative points of view.

We need a new, honest, professional, ethical news outlet that follows the separation of editorial, business and opinion. If the Koch Brothers are unhappy supporting candidates, it would be a great venture for them to initiate. I bet lots of others would buy shares and support advertisers.