Aug 16

Medicine and Media-“First Do No Harm”

If it was not so sad, the news media’s new attempt to confront Pres. Trump for daring to challenge them in public would be funny. If the role of the news media was not so vital for freedom, elective government, public integrity and restraining the powerful, we could dismiss this attempt to monopolize the message as merely counter-productive for those in the media.

Readers and audiences throughout America reject this effort for what it is-a naked power grab by the Elites who now control most of the media. They will stop at nothing trying to prevent Trump from draining their swamp and they rely on media domination to keep control over the availability of information in the public forum. They are even trying to gag Conservative voices in social media today. The absolute control they are trying to exert over our public dialogue is truly terrifying.

If the media moguls and their Elite manipulators were smart, they would look inward and ask for forgiveness from readers and viewers whom they have served so poorly. They would hire behavior professionals to help them counter-act the arrogance that now typifies most in the media business. Finally, they would start over with clear lines between fact focused hard news, their own financial interests and legitimate, professionally qualified opinions offered not as gospel but for debate and consideration. Above all, they should discard their unique attempt at earthly deification and drop the notion that they are so special that they are above criticism by anyone including you, me or a President.

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