Jun 12

Media Madams

Filthy mouthed female comedians, a well worn porn performer and recurring royalty who runs for President “Because she is a woman” are the collective stuff of today’s news according to the Elite Media. “Focus on females” is obviously an order from Elite leaders who control most media outlets today. It probably originated because of their drive to pick female radicals to win Democrat primaries. It is possible that they simply ordered editors and newsroom producers to find stories to block the great jobs, economic growth and world safety news Trump is producing so the naughty lady stories may just be the best trash available at the time. Sexy space creatures may be next week’s super story.

Sadly, we must also note that corrupt media is no longer “Mainstream” because it has become so crude and sleazy. Today, parents block the news from their kids because the reporter vocabulary book comes straight from a pornography dictionary. The news business today is no more than a propaganda tool for Elites to retain their control and they know “Sex sells”.