Apr 18

Lazy Reporters?

Critique by: Editor@NewsLede.net

Why don’t news reports disclose the identity of the forces originally blocking UN inspectors’ access to the Syrian chemical weapons attack site? Three parties have an interest in “cleansing” the site of evidence and planting false leads to mislead fact finders. They are Iran, Russia and Monster Assad of Syria.

Who’s military stood, weapons in hand, on the road threatening to shoot those who tried to gain access to the site? Actually, the bad guys probably wore suits and ties, were gathered around a table suggesting  with a sinister smile that it would be “unhealthy” for anyone who didn’t wait until the site scrub was finished?

Has any reporter asked the UN team members, the Chemical Warfare group leader or the Secretary General the question? Have they asked the leaders of Iran, Russia and Syria? How about asking folks at their Embassies around the world? News services like AP and Reuters could stage simultaneous inquires at capitals everywhere if the timing didn’t interfere with Happy Hour.

So, why don’t we know who is blockading the truth to keep lies alive? Facebook and Washington both thrive on selling secrets so why is this one so hard to crack? Maybe TV’s talking heads are all to busy in makeup rooms to search for the answers and print pushers at NYT and WAPO are interested only in news they invent from scratch.