Nov 27

Gutless NFL Owners

Final Thoughts:

If the owner of a Tomato Store allows an employee to throw the tomatoes at the customers, the revenue to pay the employee’s salary will quickly go away. If the owner doesn’t stop the bad behavior before it is too late, “Gutless” is a reasonable description of the owner’s own behavior.

Enough NFL players are “Throwing tomatoes at the fans” to cause the revenue to go away and soon there will be no more money to pay any player’s salary. The NFL owners are really big hearted fellows but it is very unlikely that any will make player salary payments out of their own pockets.

Owners and League leadership are too gutless to solve the problem and they are running out of anything that will sell. This is a problem that will ultimately solve itself and resolution may come next season.

The only other solution would be for the players themselves to show the courage the owners’ lack. Team leaders can begin with a truthful acknowledgement that not one person (of any color) has been killed by a cop when that individual was complying with police orders. Thankfully the days of innocent victims being killed by racist cops are past. The reality is that a few folks claim that some level of lawlessness (like stealing sunglasses in China) has to be acceptable to society. The vast majority of Americans, of all colors, flatly rejects that notion and supports their local Law Enforcement agencies. Team leaders need to educate their teammates to get beyond slogans and to behave in ways that are consistent with public values. To a man, they need to reject a warped version of Political Correctness and to show respect for the flag and the National Anthem. Every NFL player is employed by a business. If a few are allowed to ruin those businesses, they will all be jobless.