Sep 02

FBI Corruption

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The FBI has been corrupted to the core by “Deep State” political operatives held over from the Obama Administration.

News from Senate investigators that former FBI director, James Comey, began working on Clinton’s escape from the law and his “Whitewash” project long before the FBI got to the heart of the investigation.

In an attempt to protect Comey and others within the agency, current FBI managers are conducting an additional cover-up by refusing to release documents about the investigation as required by Freedom of Information law.

DOJ must immediately do a thorough housecleaning in the FBI. Any FBI employee aware of Clinton e-mail and foundation criminal activities and the cover-ups who did not report them must be terminated for cause. Those dismissed must forfeit all federal employee benefits. Those with criminal exposure must be charged appropriately and prosecuted. Only through a complete purge can the restoration of the FBI begin.

The example set by a forceful effort to clean up the FBI will also facilitate “Deep State” house cleanings in all of the other federal agencies and departments.

Finally, the restoration of public confidence in the Rule of Law without favoritism and in our Law Enforcement agencies themselves will begin when the FBI purge has been completed.