Feb 09

Dangerous Pile of Schiff

Commentary by: Editor@NewsLede.net

In a town full of liars, Cong. Adam Schiff (D-CA) is known to be one of the most prolific sources of spewed nonsense. To note a phrase, “The truth is not within him”.

Even more serious, Schiff deliberately uses his Top Democrat (Ranking Member) position on the House Intelligence Committee to lie in ways that endanger America. As a heavily financed disciple of George Soros, he does not care what harm he brings to our Nation.

On 1/24/2018, Rasmussen found 49% of likely voters want a Special Counsel appointed to investigate senior FBI officials and another 19% are unsure. Americans know this is a very serious matter-far too important to be politicized by anyone much less an Intelligence Committee Member who knows better.

If, as suspected, Schiff loaded the Democrat’s intelligence memo regarding FBI deception of the FISA Court with sources and methods to cause redactions and to hope something damaging slips through the screening efforts of our Intelligence professionals, can that be anything but treason?

Aaron Burr was the Vice President before he was brought to trial for treason and Schiff is not immune from being held accountable.