Mar 04

Chaos And Candor Are Shiny Objects In DC

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Grade B puppet shows let the strings show. Trump is a grade A show. He pulls the strings and unaware of the manipulation, wooden media marionettes dance like they know the score.

Trump’s candor is more than the press can handle. They prefer leaks and their own spin on stories to the straight stuff. His tweets drive them nuts because he cuts them completely out of the mix. They become irrelevant to everyone-not just those who think for themselves and have the intellect to do so effectively.

Trump’s chaos is the biggest shiny object. He thinks and moves so much faster than the lazy, corrupt media mavens it is like watching the high school JV trying to score just one run in a Major League game.

If you honestly believe that Trump’s candor and chaos is accidental and lacking in purpose, be careful about the salesmen selling bridges in Arizona and snow cones at the North Pole.