Sep 05

Antifa Bare Bottoms

Commentary by:

In most American communities, professional Law Enforcement will disarm and unmask thugs who attack others. The political beliefs of lawbreakers just aren’t an issue because we are all equal under the law.

In communities that are trying to corrupt the law with “Politically Correct” enforcement for those in agreement with the power structure and with zero tolerance for others, public safety is in crisis. The poor cops are caught between doing what they know is right and keeping their jobs. If the Mayor and City Council corrupt the system for political reasons by ordering the Chief and the cops to stand by and let masked Antifa thugs beat bloody anyone they don’t see as a fellow anarchist, regular citizens and the rule of law suffer.

Cities that have chosen this lawless path include San Francisco, Chicago and New York City.

We have a suggestion for folks who live anywhere political permissiveness has overwhelmed the honest rule of law.

Raise a little kitty of legal defense funds and make your support available to retired Marines, Special Forces, Navy Seals and others with proper training and a strong appreciation for the rule of law. When Antifa attacks and the cops are forced to stand idly by, those who chose to protect their fellow citizens can proceed to…

  • Disarm the thugs
  • Control and unmask the thugs
  • Proceed to expose their bare butts
  • Administer spankings by hand in full view of the news cameras.

Antifa violence will have no venues left and their “exposure” will shrink their ranks quickly.

Our streets will be much safer.