Jul 25

Does Either Equal Both?

In a recent report we acknowledged that no credible firm proof yet exists that Mueller is part of the Elite’s Deep State. In America, suspicion is not the same as proof.

Because their roles are quite different, Rosenstein, who chose Muller in response to a scheme implemented by Comey, should not be shrouded in secrecy but he is. In fact, he is the real roadblock to transparency at the FBI, which is accountable to him and for DOJ secrecy as well. Again, we’ve seen no hard proof that Rosenstein is a Deep State member but he sure has sent some strong signals that he wears their hat.

We don’t believe in guilt by association per se but the question of if one is guilty of Deep State allegiance, is the other likely to be guilty as well? Specifically, if Rosenstein is not Deep State, would he have appointed a Deep State Mueller? If Rosenstein is Deep State, would he have picked a non Deep State Mueller?

It appears to us that the most probable answer to the question posed in our title is “Yes”.