Jul 19

Evil and Idiots

Trump Should:

Arrange for someone with a strong Defense/Foreign policy credential and a reputation for straight talk (Like Defense Scty. Mattis but pick someone not in the administration now) to make the following statement…

“Sadly we have some evil people in America who are willing to destroy America just in hopes of damaging President Trump. They know better but they just don’t care. We have no way to help them. We just have to identify them and then defend ourselves accordingly.

We also have a bunch of idiots who should be able to grasp what is going on but obviously many of them need it explained to them. I can do that but since I was not in Helsinki, did not attend the summit and have not been briefed by anyone, I will have to use a hypothetical case study. It is so hypothetical in fact that I will tell my abbreviated story as if my name were Putin.

I (Putin) have just had my one-on-one meeting with President Trump. He is a gentleman and unfortunately, I believe he will do exactly what he said he would do. This is our deal…

If I follow his directives, my Oligarch friends and I will survive and be able to make 50% of what we have been making. I will “save face” because our agreement will not be made public. His directives will begin with my full support for his efforts in North Korea and Iran. Obviously, any ambitious associates of mine who go rogue with an attempt to meddle in American elections will get severe penalties directly from me.

President Trump will leave Ukraine and Crimea alone for now as part of the face saving but the hammer will drop on Syria at a moment’s notice. I will fire (but not kill) some Generals for not following my orders to destroy all of Assad’s nerve gas (financial greed overcame their devotion to me). I will be presented by Trump as betrayed, remorseful and noble. We will continue this dance as long as we are both in office.

In anticipation of your question, No-the insane idea of nuclear war never entered my mind.

With only the two of us in the room and knowing that no one in Russia would dare speculate, the only exposure to our deal is the American idiots in Congress and the news media who will demand to know the unknowable. If any of the idiots succeed in figuring out the deal, all bets are off. If the power over me President Trump demanded and got (He gave me no choice) is ever revealed, I might as well send the damn missiles because it is all over anyway. If he takes away all the money my friends and I are making, life won’t be worth living.

As a world class athlete, KGB leader and with maximum success in Russian politics, I know all about people when they are trying to bluff me. This American President was not bluffing-he was ready to destroy me. Just don’t let anyone know because that would ruin my deal and I will have to come after you.