Jul 16

Putin, Judo, Ankle Tape and Clinton Collusion

EDITOR’S NOTE: Despite the word “New” in the title, the column below was published on Nov. 5, 2017. We republish it today because it is relevant and enlightening for this morning’s joint appearance by Trump and Putin. In the context of Putin’s use of Judo, it is well worth noting that, during the news conference, Putin claimed that he “preferred” that Trump win. Sure, and Putin also believes in Santa and has a bridge to sell.

Our take on the secrets during the summit will run tomorrow.  Bill


Putin, Judo, Ankle Tape and Clinton Collusion

New Insight From: Bill Low, Editor@NewsLede.net (First published 11/07/2017)

With technical assistance from Austin “Bud” Burrell, West Point Academy Judo Team (Retired)

Putin won USSR’s national Judo championships ten times. His incredibly successful record in that competition exceeds championship dominance of every American boxer in history.

For Putin, Judo goes far beyond his personal success as a fighter in a combative sport. Putin uses underlying Judo principles in everything he does. Basic Judo understanding and Putin’s practice of reliance on those concepts provides valuable insight into what Putin does, how he does it and what he will do next.

Judo means “The gentle way” which initially sounds a bit strange for a combat strategy. “Force multiplier” is, however, familiar jargon for winning a deadly fight. Judo is, in fact a double-barreled “Force multiplier” because your goal is to use your opponent’s fighting assets (Strength, speed, momentum etc,) in ways that help you AND hurt him. The language of Judo, Japanese, is incredibly descriptive and those who seek a deeper understanding of this thesis should study the relevant terms and their meaning. For the more casual reader, just remember the cowboy movie, cop show or action film where the bad guy rushes at the good guy who quickly drops down a bit, spins and throws the bad guy over his own back and onto the ground with a thump. That is how a well executed Judo move can work. Your opponent’s speed, direction and momentum are used against him and to your advantage. The bad guy keeps going in the same general direction he chose and at the same speed but just a little change in the geometry and his feet leave the ground so he (instead of you) goes “Thump” on the ground.

It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to apply Judo to politics (both domestic and foreign). In Putin’s case, the “Ankle tape” is a starting point. A very old admonition among Judo competitors (one certainly heard repeatedly by Putin during his tournament days) is; “If your right ankle is injured, tape the left before the match begins!” A perceived weak link on an opponent is a target for attack in Judo as it is in any other form of combat. Politics as combat is no different.

The Clintons had accepted the first corrupt arrangement Putin offered long before Hillary’s campaign began. He knew exactly where the weak link was and how to exploit it. Any student of Russian manipulation knows that Putin would make every effort to take delivery on his purchase by helping Hillary beat Trump. With the down payment on the uranium deal, the speaking fee cash to Bill and the “Pay to play” millions already laundered through Clinton foundation, Putin is not about to discard a sure thing in favor of a high risk deal like a Trump victory. The idea of Putin backing Trump is a shallow, phony deception. A “Too slick by half” lawyer for Hillary and the DNC laundered a few million dollars to hire a Brit spook as the middleman to work with the Kremlin crowd. Like any top level Judo tactician with a mastery of deceptive moves to off-balance an opponent, Putin delighted in the chance to disguise his secret Clinton interest by a feigning a phony move toward Trump. Oh sweet irony! In fact, there is a popular throw in Judo that begins with a definite move toward one leg just to disguise the actual attack on the other leg and a lateral move is often used to disguise an actual attack toward the back or the front. Judo is tricky stuff and that suits Putin’s political style perfectly.

When the media says it was “X” but Putin and Hillary had a shared objective, you can bet the real move was always “Y”.