Aug 19

White Nationalists-Black Lives Matter et al

White Nationalists-Black Lives Matter et al

Editor’s Note:

There are very few White Nationalists. No matter-not one of them or any other white racist for that matter has ever made it onto the lineup for an NBA team. Not even close because they just don’t have what it takes. They can’t compete at that level. They are not good enough. They can’t even put a parade together much less a basketball team!

There are very few Black Lives Matter or other civil rights professionals these days that care anything for the Black community or anyone in it.

The Antifa cowards live under rocks and come out only with faces covered for one reason-fear.

The animals known as MS-13 are much the same but they prefer to cut up little girls. They are scared of big boys much less men.

Finally you add the ISIS types who must sneak to attack the innocent even when the target is small children in a schoolyard.

These tough guys could all team up to stop the violence in Chicago in a heartbeat if they weren’t such cowards. They hide from any conflict where the other guy is not outnumbered, outgunned and ambushed.

Put all these groups together and there is not one man among them!