Jul 14

Rosenstein’s Weasel’s Words

Lawyers, politicians, reporters and others seeking CYA when speaking publically use weasel words. Lawyers who are also politicians are even worse about weasel words as evidenced by Deputy AG, Rob Rosenstein, at his news conference on Friday. With weasel words noted, he said…

“People who speculate about federal investigations USUALLY* do not know all of the relevant facts.”

He went on to proudly proclaim…

MOST* anonymous leaks are not from the government officials who are conducting the investigations.”

*Weasel words

Rosenstein is a swamp critter who tossed his friend Comey under the bus. Comey then admitted that he was the “anonymous source” for some of the FBI leaks so Rosenstein could not very well claim that no government officials who conduct investigations leak confidential information. The FBI Director who reported to him just acknowledged his own guilt.

Note: One of the reasons the media and other swamp dwelling Elites fear/hate Trump so much is that his straight talk spotlights those who use weasel words to hide the truth. For example…

Instead of “USUALLY” Rosenstein could have said “Except when a top government official is being seduced by a cute young reporter for the New York Times, their speculation is not based on her knowledge of the relevant facts”.

He could also have said that “MOST” anonymous leaks come from Deep State holdover employees who are still being paid with tax dollars while they work to destroy elected government.

The Elites who control the Deep State and their corrupt minions in the media will lose and the people will win if Trump prevails. That is why the stakes are so high.