Sep 28

Playing Without Rules

Why are Dems so much better at the political game than R’s? It was the question I asked myself while a political hack, desperate for re-election named Feinstein, was kneecapping Chairman Grassley on national TV.

This is not my first rodeo. I began in professional politics in 1964 with a GOP State Committee position. Lots of campaigns (including 2 GOP Presidents) since and I have seen some things.

On the National level, it is a rare occasion when I’ve seen Republican operatives outsmart their Dem counterparts and even more rare when a GOP candidate bests a Dem rival.*

The answer to the “Why?” question arrived yesterday in the Kavanaugh hearing. Dems don’t care about casualties be they women, young girls or men. Truth, Justice and the American way mean nothing to them. Innocent until proven guilty is too “Old School” for Dems. Even our Constitution and our Bill of Rights will be sacrificed by those who seek absolute power without the rule of law and at any cost.

Dem’s win because rules just don’t count to them during a power grab.

For the sake of the people, we better vote this November to keep these DC Dems from getting more power than they have today. Even traditional Dem voters will soon be terrified if their party’s candidates win in 2018 and the Elite Puppet Masters control their lives.

*Campaign leadership for the McCain and Romney efforts was terrible and they were lousy candidates. Bill Clinton and Obama were outstanding candidates with great campaigns. Bush 43 and Rove were good but manager Trump and candidate Trump were spectacular!