Feb 17

Pens, Pencils, Bullets and School Safety

Truth Told by: Editor@GunLede.com

Once again the fundamental, tragic truth is writ in the blood of the innocent. Evil, equipped with bullets and the means to fire them, slaughtered those who had only pens and pencils to use for defense.


  • Guns will always be with us-far too many believe in the right to self-defense to yield 100% of their family’s safety to the state.
  • Thugs, terrorists and psychos who shouldn’t be able to get guns will always find a way.
  • Pens and pencils may be mightier than the sword but they are far too puny for use against a determined attacker who has bullets or bombs. Even the toughest karate expert has no chance against a knowledgeable attacker with a gun.

Given these three facts, how can we keep our children, teachers and everyone else safe from the evil and the insane?

The only answer is good guys and gals with guns.

We propose a similar approach here with a federal program of grants to supplement state and local efforts with an emphasis on volunteerism. The basics of the program we envision would include…

  • Federal grant funds would be available to supplement the cost of extensive qualification screening, initial and continuing training, gun purchases, carry and practice ammo.
  • Local folks would determine supplemental compensation, (if any) offered to school personnel who volunteer to participate and are accepted into the program.
  • Federal guidelines for each element should be promulgated but state and local elected officials/entities (like school boards) should have the power to create their own as well. Some components, like the qualification criteria, should be protected from efforts to weaken or dilute them without justification. Digital methods for sharing open and classified information should be an integral part of the program.
  • Eligibility for participation should be the purview of the local school boards but to qualify for federal grant funds the applicants must be screened and qualified according to the federal standard. Applicants must volunteer to participate and we believe they should be full time employees of the school as administrators, teachers, coaches or maintenance staff.
  • At the federal level, the program should be created and managed by a Board of volunteers who are professionally qualified and staffed by a small team of employees who are specifically qualified. The program should operate in a semi-autonomous way but should ultimately report to the Department of Homeland Security.

This approach is consistent with the facts of life and is uniquely compatible with our God-given right to defend ourselves and our families. Any other approach that ignores facts and rejects guns on site in the hands of qualified, trained and practiced adults will fail to keep our kids safe.

Sad cynicism will dominate the hysterical opposition to this fact based approach to keeping our kids safe at school. Political leaders and news media decision-makers know that gun control measures are nothing more than Pollyanna pabulum for uninformed voters. “Sound good but won’t work” is their mantra and they yell it knowing full well that slaughter will continue. They put their own political interests ahead of the lives of children in public schools from middle class and lower income families. Their own kids and Nancy’s grandkids are either home schooled or ensconced in private schools guarded, just like they are, with guns.

For their own safety, politicians refuse to rely on pens and pencils. They get the good guys and gals with guns. Our kids deserve no less protection than our politicians and the news media. This program is a cost-effective and speedy way to get safety for them right now.