Aug 14

One Statesman Standing

Our Founding Fathers were, in the final analysis, Statesmen. Most were rough and tumble politicians as well but they would not consciously harm our fragile new nation for selfish political gain. Their “Red Line” was real and enforced to block political greed. Politics was a temporary public service and citizen’s duty when called upon to contribute to the public good. It is worth noting the razor sharp contrast between the Founders who worked tirelessly to limit government power vs. today’s politicians who grow the state and grab power for their own purposes.

Statesmen are patriots. They sacrifice self to serve the greater need. Pledges of “Life and sacred honor” were heard among the Founders.

Today, Statesmen are in short supply. In Washington, they are virtually extinct. “Giving” gave way to “Getting” as government grew.

There are 435 Members of the House, 100 Members of the Senate and nary a Saint among them. Some may have come to Washington as Patriots with good intentions but it is hard to stay in a swamp without becoming slimy. The more time you spend there, the worse it gets.

How many current members of the Congress can you name that are real Patriots today? Can you point to any of the 535 members and honestly say… “There stands a true Statesman”? Some are less self-serving than others but my honest answer has to be…”I don’t see one self-sacrificing Statesman among them”.

The one individual with power in Washington who acts like a Statesman is President Trump. The fact that 95% of the news media view him as the Devil incarnate says much more about them and their allegiance to the Elites than it says about Trump. As a political professional, with experience at this level, I could have presented a list of 20 significant steps he could have taken that would have helped him with short-term politics. He hasn’t done anything on that list because helping himself at the expense of America is just not his thing. He is a Statesman in that regard. He is also a Statesman with regard to vision. He “sees” the end game with trade, protecting our borders, allowing North Korea to have nuclear weapons, NATO, the UN, our relations with China, Putin and so much more. Finally, he is an old fashioned Statesman who consistently responds correctly to the admonition of that great American philosopher-John Wayne, who said…”There is right and there is wrong-a man has got to do one or the other.” Trump the Statesman tries very hard as our President to do what is right. Like John Wayne, he can be a little rough at times but only when needed.

Like every other President before him, Trump is not perfect. His behavior, before becoming President certainly was not perfect. Presidents are, in fact, human. While it is not my purview to judge his heart, it is my strong suspicion that he is much more a man of faith today than he was before becoming President. He would not be alone in that regard. Faith will help steady him and enable him to remain focused in spite of the hundreds of distractions that come at him daily.

Personally, I really hope he can continue the course. His skills and personal economic security equip him to succeed at the job before him. He has to beat the media at their own game which he is doing masterfully. He must be able to thumb his nose at the Elites themselves in order to bring them to the final negotiation on their knees. A few puddles of the swamp will remain damp for a while but Trump is uniquely equipped to save America from those whose ultimate goal is total control for themselves and to allow freedom for no one else.