Oct 17

NFL Solution

New Advisory by: Editor@GunLede.com

Athletes “Take a knee” to pray or to listen to Coach.

Those who “Take a knee” while we are honoring our Nation’s Fallen and our Flag have been suckered by the Radical Left and corrupt news media into believing that America’s cops are deliberately murdering unarmed Black men. These players are rich enough to have the truth delivered to them on a platter and some are smart enough to find it on their own.

A fuzzy headed (intellectually speaking), out-of-work multimillionaire started this mis-guided protest during our Anthem to protest racially motivated “Slaughter of innocent Blacks” by community cops.

The NFL can solve the protest problem and begin trying to get fans to return to game seats and broadcasts by taking two simple steps…

  • Encourage team owners to tell their employees that they have a First Amendment right to protest legally but that if they do it while at work (Practice and games) they will be fined big time.
  • Tell Kaepernick and all NFL players that the League will pay $100,000 to their favorite charity for every case they identify from the past two years where anyone, Black or other, was shot by a cop while fully obeying lawful police orders.

For a change, the NFL can do our Nation a meaningful service by putting the myths about police shootings to rest once and for all.