Jun 25

Healthcare Politics-Less Is Best

Next week’s vote on Healthcare will be based on personal political considerations as individually perceived by 100 Senators. What if it were not so?

Obamacare was a 100% political program that has put the health of millions at great risk. Obama’s cynical, political approach failed 100%.

What if our Senators, GOP and DEMS alike, were willing to put their political interests aside for just one vote? How good could legislation to fix our broken healthcare system become? What if the contributors, power brokers, lobbyists and media moguls were all ignored? What if the 100 usually gutless wonders in the Senate did what we actually elect them to do? What if people and their healthcare came first and the politics of the whole deal were ignored? Just this once.

What if “I will if you will” became the order of the day? What if need, principle and patriotism became more important in the United States Senate than political self interest?

Could we stand the shock?