Sep 18

Hard Questions For Dr. Ford

Dr. Ford, as Judge Kavanaugh’s accuser, must fully answer Judiciary Committee questions regarding all contact she, or anyone assisting her, had with political operatives regarding her accusations. If Dr. Ford has communicated with political professionals at any point during this process they must be identified and she must be subjected to rigorous questioning by the Committee.

This inquiry should also include any political consultants or political staff operatives that Members of the Senate Judiciary Committee consulted about the Ford accusations. All Committee Members should volunteer to testify under oath about political communications regarding Dr. Ford prior to Senator Feinstein’s revelation.

If it is determined that a political element of this accusation exists, the reaction of Americans will rightly be very aggressive toward those who are guilty of the excess. We will expect the entire Senate to investigate.

The line will have been crossed. The stink of Senators going too far with political obsession will be rejected by patriotic Democrats as well as by the Republicans. Senator Feinstein and those who supported her should be expelled from the Senate and if they broke any laws, prosecuted.

As a Nation, we need to make an example of just one Member of Congress to show Washington we won’t play this game any longer.