Jan 31

FBI-DOJ Cowards

Editor’s Note: The FBI-DOJ leaders who approved the ridiculous show or force used to arrest Roger Stone lacked the courage to refuse the order or to resign in protest.

Please note four things before you pass judgement on that statement…

  • I have friends and family in Law Enforcement (Including the FBI)
  • I served as the Director of a large, sophisticated firearms training program exclusively for Law Enforcement including SWAT and Federal Agents
  • I view Stone and Manafort for that matter, as sleazy, opportunistic operators that Trump should never have met much less employed
  • I have consistently been critical of self-serving politicians who falsely attack Law Enforcement to curry favor with thugs, punks, other evil-doers and radical leftists.

Political corruption at the leadership level in recent years at the FBI and the DOJ has seriously tainted their reputations. A thorough housecleaning, full legal consequences where justified and spotless management going forward are the only solutions. If FBI Director Wray can’t or won’t do the job, remove him now!