Feb 25

Elite Skin In The Game

Super-rich Elites like Pelosi, Schumer, most members of Congress, Bloomberg and Soros have their own walls and bodyguards with guns.

Walls and other barriers to protect ordinary Americans just aren’t important for Elites. They don’t care if the “Common People” get raped and killed by thugs and gang members. Evil arrives as some of the illegal aliens who sneak across or crash our borders to victimize the unprotected who are not Elites.

Our President cares deeply about those “Common People”.

If Congress or the Courts give him a chance, he will do his best to protect us by controlling our borders. We will always welcome immigrants but only those who join us in respect for the law.

Trump should…

  • Dramatize Elite hypocrisy by proposing legislation that would allow those physically harmed by an illegal alien to file civil litigation against any public official who facilitates illegal immigration
  • Facilitating illegal immigration is a deliberate action so the proposed legislation should make victims who prevail at trial eligible for triple damages.