Mar 27

Elite Skin Color

Like all of us, Elites come in all colors, shades and sexual orientation. Actor Jussie Smollett is a gay, black young American man who is an Elite living in a swanky building in Chicago. He has personal trainers and nutritionists whom he occasionally employees as actors. As a true Elite, he willingly sacrifices and hurts others to serve his own selfish interests.

Texts from a staffer to another Elite who also happens to be Black, Michelle Obama, to a politically ambitious State’s Attorney, who also happens to be Black probably put the Elite fix in motion.

If money changed hands in this deal, it will be a crime of major magnitude. If explicit promises of Obama’s political support for the future were given to the Judge or to the States Attorney in return for cooperation, a serious crime may be proven.

There are two obvious paths to the truth…

  • A civil trial resulting from a claim filed by the city of Chicago and or by the Police Union.
  • A criminal investigation and indictments produced by honest, credible federal investigators and prosecutors.

They are not mutually exclusive.

The two Elites who are also actors but are women and Hollywood based, who are  alleged to have used their bribes to get kids into Elite Colleges are white.

It goes to show that in these instances, Justice Is Truly Blind if you are a well-connected celebrity Elite with more money than ethics. What we need is color-blind but not blind to Elite corruption Justice.

On a positive note-under the leadership of a Superintendent who happens to be Black, the Chicago Police Officers have done more with their ethical, professional handling of this case to restore the reputation of Chicago than any entity or individual in many decades. As is usually the case, Congratulations to the Cops! Thank you ladies and gentlemen in the color that is almost always makes a big difference-Blue!