Nov 01


New York Governor and his Mayor claimed: “We will protect you!” as eight lay dead because political law they support kept citizens from stopping a terror attack in its tracks with immediate self-defense.

Think About It by:

The sales pitch that “Self-defense is old fashioned and only government can protect us” has been around a long time. It is still wrong and worse yet, it is a direct threat to your freedom as well as to your safety.

Our founding fathers understood potential threats from foreign shores, Indians, wild animals and bad guys but their greatest fear was the unchecked growth of government power. Preventing growth of a government manipulated by powerful Elites and citizens powerless to stop them is the primary purpose behind the Constitution they adopted. It is why our founders worked so hard to restrict the type and scope of government. Today, New York is run by two characters who promise to protect you if you just keep surrendering your freedom and the right to defend yourself.

The fact that both men eat, sleep and go everywhere with a big team of bodyguards carrying guns just may be a hint that they can’t even protect themselves. That is why we say of them “That is Chutzpah”.