Aug 23

Constitutional Crises Coming Quickly

The coup attempt involving teams of political operatives from Obama’s “Deep State” is starting to surface from exposure in the sunshine. Frightening efforts by U.S. Law Enforcement and Intelligence Agencies…

  • To beat Trump in the 2016 election
  • To de-legitimize him as President-Elect then as President
  • To block his efforts to “drain the Swamp” and return power to the people
  • To nullify the election and the people’s choice by forcing Trump out and Hillary (Or Michelle) into the White House.

At this point, we know this Deep State decay penetrated…

  • Department of Justice (Two firings thus far and more to come)
  • FBI (Six snakes caught thus far and more to come)
  • CIA (Only one operative identified thus far but he was the top dog-more Deep State revelations to come)
  • Departments/agencies like IRS, EPA and others
  • Law Enforcement and Intelligence agencies more than others

We have a few hints today about Obama’s involvement in orchestrating this entire effort but the information shield is about to break. We do know from eight years of history two things…

  • Obama refused to keep anyone who refused to be a political operative even while on the taxpayer payroll
  • As President, politics was Obama’s sole interest and none of his operatives at any level would act without his authorization.

We conclude that the entire “Russian collusion” plot was approved by Obama and if the Democrats don’t capture the House this year and shut down all of the investigations, the truth will come out and the guilt will go all the way to Obama himself.

Former Presidents CAN be indicted for criminal activity. Hillary, as a former Secretary of State can also be brought before the Bar of Justice. If he is complicit in the Clinton Foundation money laundering, Bill can be charged as well.