Mar 22

Good Gun or Evil?


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Is the gun in this picture “Good” or “Evil”?

It is a black, high capacity weapon not designed for hunting. It was built in West Germany. It has been modified with a very accurate custom fitted barrel and a special trigger. It will shoot 2” groups at ¼ the length of a football field. It can consistently hit center mass on a man-sized target 21’ away in 0.67 of one second*. This weapon can stop almost any attack, especially in the hands of an expert.

So, is this particular gun good or evil?

Some people view all guns as evil. By that reasoning, cops and law abiding civilians must be denied access to all guns. Of course, the more aware folks will then think about their loss of protection from thugs, terrorists and crazies. There are also folks who are bright enough to realize the obvious-guns, along with all other inanimate objects, have no morality. They are neither evil nor good and can be used by humans for either purpose.

The Sig Sauer model #226 pictured above has been used effectively by a competitor, the Director of a large Law Enforcement Firearms training program and as a daily carry defensive gun for decades. Cops and civilians alike will tell you that the gun’s owner is “one of the good guys”. In the context of defensive handgun performance, this gun is outstanding.

The Sig #226 is among the best of the best especially when deployed by an accomplished shooter.

None of that keeps it from being an “Evil” gun because that judgment is in the hands of the man or woman holding it at the time shots are fired.

The “Good or Evil?” question cannot logically be applied to a gun, a chair or to any other inanimate object for that matter.

Anyone who claims that an AR, AK, Colt, Sig or any gun is either “Good” or “Evil” is incapable of grasping logic or is lying. Lacking logic and liar are plentiful among those appearing on TV and in print today. Lying by politicians and the media is obviously designed to deceive those who don’t understand our God given right to self defense or America’s Constitution. They are a threat to you, to me and to our families.

* Note: In tactical competition, the Sig is drawn from a regular holster with a “surrender position” start which requires both hands above the shoulders when the timer sounds. The signal to draw has no warning.