Nov 11

Blue Flu and NFL Green

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NFL players, team owners, their League and the politicians they control have been disrespecting those whose uniforms have no shoulder pads.

Cops, other First Responders and our entire military, past and present, are very deliberately being disrespected by these super-privileged, multi-millionaire Elites. Americans who care will respond with a special day of NFL boycott tomorrow in honor of our Veterans and our First Responders. We won’t go to games, follow them on TV or radio. Shallow, self-indulgent Elites are only moved by money so when NFL income drops enough they will “Feel the green” and show respect for the flag and the National Anthem again. They may not feel respect but we can make them feel the cash crunch. After all, a jock strap is only limited protection.

Cops can add their own pinch and since this kneeling began with an open challenge to the men and women of Law Enforcement, the most appropriate response is a case of “Blue Flu” for police services at NFL games tomorrow. Team owners who want police presence on game day will have to pay the going rate to hire off-duty cops. Small dollars to the owners but, with Christmas coming, it could be a help to those cop families whose breadwinners don’t get to play a game to pay the bills. Any politician who tries to order on-duty cops to service an NFL owner’s needs should be reported to the national news media for ridicule.