Oct 01

Rich People Agree

New Commentary by: Editor@NewsLede.com and GunLede.com

Here is the good news…

-All arms locked and knees bent without regard to skin color

-Black, brown and white in complete harmony

-Labor and management unified with no dispute at all

-Smart guys and some not so smart with no space between them

But not one woman is pictured kneeling.

Is that what we have to give up in order to be united? Do you really believe women should (or could) be left out?

There is a better way.

NFL guys butt heads and sometimes fight. A few even hit women but that is not what unifies them to link arms and take a knee when others honor America and our fallen heroes. They are honoring themselves. They are, after all, millionaires. No exceptions. It is their money that gives them common cause and erases the stupid, sometimes divisive stuff like color. Green is just green.

Obviously, we can’t all make our livings playing a game and we can’t all be millionaires right now so what can be done?

As long as the funding source of their millions allows such behavior, nothing effective can be done. As soon as the patriots among us and the adults who want to set good examples for kids walk away from the game(s) that promote such behavior, greed will solve the problem. Advertisers with no eyeballs walk in a hurry. Broadcasters and print media largely ignored will dry up faster than a West Texas breeze. Owners will scramble, the National Football League will get new leadership after “termination with cause” and life will be good again at least with regard to this stupid distraction.

And the cops (Black and White) will continue, as always, to Serve and Protect even those millionaires who slander the entire Law Enforcement profession. They took an oath and unlike the NFL, they honor their commitments. They, like the rest of us, are not perfect but percentage wise they come a lot closer than the NFL millionaires.