Sep 19

Sit Down

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Most of us learned this simple command at home and in school at an early age. Refusing to obey, much less launching an attack on the authority issuing the command was out of the question.

Today, we have people living in urban areas like St. Louis who have been misled by Democratic politicians into a self-sacrificing spiral of defiance that leads to death far too often. These poor victims of evil manipulation get suckered into suicide by cop just so some politician can trick targeted political constituencies into believing they are being defended from a threat that doesn’t exist until they create it.

Here is how it works…

  • A few “Leaders” (i.e.: Former President Obama and the big city Mayors) claim the authorities (i.e.: cops) are racists and can be defied at will.
  • The poor suckers who get brainwashed by the evil ones with help from the media then sacrifice themselves by defying lawful orders from cops (many of them Black and very few of whom are racists today).
  • Refusing to “Sit down” is schoolboy stuff so now the defiance usually involves such commands as; “Stop”, “Drop the weapon”, “Let me see your hands”, “Turn off your car” etc.
  • The cop issuing the orders took an oath to enforce the law so ignoring the offender is not an option. Incidentally, these orders are almost always issued to keep someone safe. It may be to protect the suspect, a victim, the public, the cop, the cop’s partner or all of these.
  • To do his/her duty, to enforce the law and to protect everyone, the cop will use appropriate force to compel compliance with lawful orders. When the cop says “Sit down” you will sit down one way or another. Our community relies on the rule of law to survive and our cops play a vital role in the enforcement of the law. Those who try to defy them, defy the entire community. We will not stand for it.

Those who feel a cop treated them unfairly have options for remedies that pose no danger for bodily harm to anyone. They can “Make it right without a fight” after the event by contacting…

  • The cop’s commander
  • Public officials (Mayor, Council Member etc.)
  • The news media
  • A private lawyer

Even if you are tough as a tiger, fight like a lion and are mean as a snake, you will never win the last battle with a cop. Be smart. Manage your temper during contacts with cops and address your concerns later as noted above.

Concluding special messages…

  • For the idiot Mayor of Saint Louis-Your new protocol is to give audience to those who hurt your cops and vandalize your home as well as your small business owners? Typical Democrat logic!
  • For BLM and others drawn to protest-When anyone of any color is shot by a cop while in full compliance with lawful police orders, I’ll join your peaceful march. It hasn’t happened yet!
  • For cops everywhere-“Whose streets? Our streets!”

Back in the day our protests were called “Sit Ins” but today “Sit Down” would save the lives of those being victimized by evil politicians.