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Oct 09

Nikki’s Destination Key

With national news media pants down around their ankles, (ugliest laugh of the year) apologists are berserk chasing their own tails over UN Ambassador Nikki Haley’s resignation. It didn’t leak which is just one more miracle to chalk up for Pres. Trump. The important issue is where Nikki lands be it sooner or later. If …

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Oct 06

GOP-Don’t Do Stupid

Republican resurgence can be traced to many factors but excessive partisanship and nasty behavior by Dems has been key in recent weeks. Our GOP leaders do dumb stuff with some regularity but when important principles come to play, we pass and Dems today fail almost every time. The handling of Judge Kavanaugh’s conformation proves the …

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Oct 04

Do What She Says

Dr. Ford says she wants an FBI interview. The request came via her lawyer who should have advised her of the potential impact on her freedom such an interview under oath could present. Of course this is the same lawyer who should have told Dr. Ford that her privacy could be protected with a confidential …

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Oct 03

Kellyanne Conway Is Key

Politically, we are at the proverbial crossroads for Judge Kavanaugh and the 2018 elections. Trump Should… Avoid criticizing Dr. Ford Allow Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway, as a victim of sexual attack herself, to reach out personally to Dr. Ford Even if facts totally dispute Dr. Ford’s account, the best course for the Judge …

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Oct 02

Save #MeToo Now

Politicization of the Supreme Court confirmation process has put the #MeToo Movement at grave and immediate risk. The only way to protect women who have been abused and now need assurances as well as their own courage to come forward is to act now to rip all partisan politics out of the process. Political schedules …

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Sep 29

FBI Must Interview Sen. Feinstein and Her Staff

One of the first set of interviews the FBI conducts must be of Sen. Feinstein and her staff. If she recommended or hired a political lawyer for Dr. Ford lawyer and that lawyer leaked Dr. Ford’s name just to accomplish a political objective, it will re-cast the entire matter. If that lawyer or others acting …

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Sep 28

Looking For One Honest Dem Senator

If the FBI investigates Dr. Ford, Judge Kavanaugh, the allegations against him and the allegations against Sen. Feinstein but finds nothing significantly different from today’s evidence and understanding, will just one Dem Member of the Judiciary Committee vote to confirm? If the answer today is “No” and the answer at the conclusion of the FBI …

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Sep 28

The FBI Investigation We Really Need

The circus during the Kavanaugh hearing requires a full FBI investigation and it should begin immediately. Everyone who may have vital information, including Judicial Committee Members who volunteer to go under oath, must be made aware that all charges of Lying to the FBI will be prosecuted. Senators will have waved all claims of immunity …

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Sep 27

Dems Destroying #MeToo and Don’t Care

Re-election is so important to Sen. Feinstein that she will destroy two young girls, a wife, a mother and Judge Kavanaugh himself to get some votes back home. She and her Elite Dem friends in DC are also trying to give political cover to other weak Senators wanting to get re-elected so they joined forces …

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Sep 26

Trump Should…

Privately ask Chairman Grassley to have GOP Committee Members to be prepared to respond to Sen. Feinstein when she “goes off the rails” of excessive partisanship. Senate decorum has been destroyed during this process so the best bet for traditionalists is to contain the crises of Senatorial behavior to this hearing by having their Leader …

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