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Sep 15

Woodward a One Trick Pony

Bob Woodward is making a bundle of money playing the old “He said, she said” game selling another gossip book. After one history-making stent as a real reporter when he was very young, Woodward has “cashed in” on his reputation with a series of books that have virtually no verifiable reporting. In fact, the reaction …

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Sep 12

Americans Meet the Need!

Like many, I was disgusted by Sen. Cory Booker’s “Spartacus” deception during the hearings on Judge Kavanaugh last week. It was childish, incredibly amateurish and insulting to most thinking adults. Trump Should… Hang a nickname on Booker, New Jersey’s Junior Senator who has not yet been indicted “Crooked Cory”, in honor of his deceptions would …

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Sep 04

Dumb Dem Damage

Both political parties have some stupid elected officials but the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing this morning demonstrated a shocking universality to dumb, rude, and crude behavior by every Democrat Committee Member. They did it on National Television for everyone to see and hear. Senator Schumer (who orchestrated it and Pelosi who, no doubt, contributed content) probably …

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Aug 28

Lawyer Lanny Davis Lied-CNN Denied

Trump Should… Note that while he is not a lawyer, he has hired and fired hundreds of lawyers in the course of his business and charity work. He has tried hard to screen out the liars and thieves but lawyers can be pretty slippery characters. Too often, deceit is a part of what they do. …

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Aug 20

Brennan and the Other Bozos

Trump Should… Note that no one hired by Obama or who was there and lasted for two full terms was anything more than a professional political hack. Obama would not tolerate people who were not, first and foremost, politicians willing to do his bidding. Patriots with honor like Bob Gates left “Team Obama” but were …

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Aug 13

Character Counts and Omarosa is a Zero

Betrayal is ugly stuff. When 30 pieces of silver are involved, ugly stinks. Omarosa is not the first person to “Sell herself trying to sell books” and she won’t be the last person to go from supporter to serpent. Trump Should… Say no more and cease selling books for her Let a spokesperson or two …

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Aug 08

Need To Know

Mueller has questions for Trump to see if he colluded with Russia to get elected. Clearly he has a “Need to know”. Americans, who understand and care, have questions for Mueller to see if he has conducted his investigation ethically, without bias or preconceived conclusions. We, the people “Need to know”. If the terms for …

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Jul 22

Michelle Obama’s Serious Secret

With “Has-been Hillary”, “Jackrabbit Joe Biden”, “Bloviating Bernie Sanders” and “Eric the fixer Holder” all vying for the Democrat’s 2020 nomination, the “Oldies but goodies” crowd is present but the biggest name from yesteryear is missing. Rasmussen’s 7/22/2018 poll shows 73% of likely Democratic voters want “A Fresh Face” as the 2020 nominee. Having never …

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Jul 18

Trump’s Obama Response

Trump Should: Have V.P. Mike Pence issue the following statement… As an American, I am saddened and disappointed that former President Obama chose to generate publicity for his paid speech abroad by attacking the integrity of President Trump. This “below the belt” personal attack was not a very fitting observation of a memorial for, in …

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Jul 11

Trump Should…

treat NATO like the Elites they are. Then he should use his dealings with them as an example to show the public and the media how he works. Trump is already on record with “The Art of the Deal” secrets which shallow thinkers like Shepard Smith would do well to study. It would keep him …

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