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Jan 10

Pelosi’s Prison

It is no small paradox that Nancy regained the Speakership but only after being captured and imprisoned by the most radical left wing of her Democratic Party. Trump Should… Explain that Radicals and the Elites that control them hate border barriers like walls and fences because they work. Human and drug trafficking is essentially blocked …

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Jan 05

Trump Should…

Offer a contest to pick a new name for “ Border Walls” Have the RNC donate the $10,000 cash first prize Have a picture of Spkr. Pelosi’s wall at home* on the contest website Ask Spkr. Pelosi to judge the entries since she has to OK the new name Have all entries emailed to the …

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Dec 21

12-21-18 Trump Should…

Reassure the American people and the world with a Roosevelt style fireside chat but with TV, visual aids and a small group Allow others to give specifics showing Trump’s humanity, intelligence and incredible ability to foresee outcomes that put America first Explain his “Outcome Only” decision-making system which ignores the old “Politics First” swamp system …

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Nov 27

Trump’s Soft Spot

Pres. Trump’s decision-making is hard to fault because the results he is producing are so great for America. His demonstrable “soft spot” is choosing high level political operatives. Kellyanne Conway and Brad Parscale are notable exceptions because they are very good professional politicians. The majority of his picks were not successful. The worst was Paul …

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Nov 25

Roberts Wrong

Trump Should… Cite the empirical evidence that shows just how wrong the claim that Judges appointed by Obama and Trump do not interpret the law and rule differently per the Roberts claim. Trump should NOT personalize his “Report” and shouldn’t name Roberts or reference the Chief Justice when he sets the record straight. Remind voters …

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Nov 04

Rescuing Real Reporters

The news media today has been horribly corrupted. Real reporters, who have retained their integrity, need to be rescued by thoughtful readers, viewers and listeners. It is a numbers business and if Americans give the numbers to ethical professionals, honesty will rise to the top. Sleaze will sink when news consumers demand honest, fact based …

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Oct 25

Child Abuse South of the Border

Any parent who brings a child into the U.S. after caravaning across Mexico should be immediately arrested and charged with child abuse. The Criminal Courts should handle those cases immediately. Those found guilty should be deported immediately with their children. Those found innocent of the charge should be processed as the law requires. Trump Should… …

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Oct 20

Reagan Response To Saudi Stupidity

It now appears that someone very high in the Saudi government approved an evil, stupid plan to torture and kill a Saudi opinion journalist who criticized them. Trump can again look to Reagan’s likely response for insight. Reagan’s foreign policy genius was based on… American interests come first Rebuilding U.S. military might Strategic patience Rebuild …

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Oct 09

Nikki’s Destination Key

With national news media pants down around their ankles, (ugliest laugh of the year) apologists are berserk chasing their own tails over UN Ambassador Nikki Haley’s resignation. It didn’t leak which is just one more miracle to chalk up for Pres. Trump. The important issue is where Nikki lands be it sooner or later. If …

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Oct 06

GOP-Don’t Do Stupid

Republican resurgence can be traced to many factors but excessive partisanship and nasty behavior by Dems has been key in recent weeks. Our GOP leaders do dumb stuff with some regularity but when important principles come to play, we pass and Dems today fail almost every time. The handling of Judge Kavanaugh’s conformation proves the …

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