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Feb 08

Mueller Knows Clinton Financed Russian Role in 2016 U.S. Election

Prediction By: Mueller’s reputation will ultimately be determined by how far up the ladder his Russian convictions go in the Obama/Clinton political apparatus. The money trail is already well publicized. Funds went from Clinton’s campaign and the DNC which she and Obama controlled to the DC law firm then to Fusion GPS then to …

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Feb 02

Treason or the Worst Political Scandal Ever?

Prediction and Commentary by: Release of the memo regarding the FISA Court, the FBI and related matters is just another step in the new transparency Pres. Trump is bringing to Washington. Even more will come out soon. “Deep State” corruption and potential crimes, including treason, will be reveled. When all of the culprits from …

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Feb 01

Trey Gowdy Goes To

Prediction by: Rep. Trey Gowdy is the most honest, candid, credible and effective spokesman in America today regarding justice and legal matters. His presence in a TV interview is like none other because he is believable each and every time. He understands that unlike today’s political silly-speak, true justice demands truth and that is …

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Jan 31

Goodby Maxine and Please Don’t Come Back

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) and 14 of her fellow Democrats boycotted America’s State of the Union report to the Congress last night. They were not missed. They did, of course, leave their constituents unrepresented but frankly the folks back home in those Districts were better off as was the Nation. Time has passed by these …

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Jan 25

Mueller Must Play Fair

Commentary by: Americans have a wonderful sense of Fair Play. Now that Pres. Trump has offered, subject to his attorneys, to testify under oath with the Special Counsel, it is essential that Mueller do the same. Mueller’s leadership of the FBI, his staffing choices and handling of the “Russia Investigation” deserve close scrutiny. His …

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Jan 23

Selfish SOB

Selfish SOB Commentary by Our government was shut down by 49 SOB’s in the Senate. The Democrats were assisted by a dozen or so Republican SOB’s in the Senate including the Leader. More than two hundred SOB’s are in the House and both parties are, again, well represented. The Leadership is right there as …

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Dec 08

How to Vote for Moore

Prediction by: I doubt that Alabama voters are seeking any more advice from outsiders about the election next week. I will offer a suggestion anyway because this particular election outcome will impact every American. Candidates are no more “Perfect” than voters so choices are sometimes “Less bad than X” but you have only four …

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Nov 18

Coughing Up Congress

GOP Advisory by: Years ago while teaching campaign opps to GOP Congressional hopefuls around the country, I always explained that a tiny light could give life or bring death to any election effort. The light being referenced was, of course, the on/off red light that shines on the front of a TV camera when …

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Nov 18

No More Clinton Excuses

Predictions by Bill Clinton will be the last sexual predator to “Get away with” predation and abuse of girls/women because of power or celebrity. Any exceptions will be in the news business which tries to protect their own. A few lesser lights, like the PBS guy who was also a New York Times executive, …

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Nov 10


Question from: If the two most powerful anti-Nazi Communists in the world can meet the most powerful anti-Nazi Capitalist in the world for calm talks, why does ANTIFA mask their faces and use weapons to attack everyone? The details for ANTIFA may vary by individual thug but includes… They could care less about Nazis-they …

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