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Jul 16

Putin, Judo, Ankle Tape and Clinton Collusion

EDITOR’S NOTE: Despite the word “New” in the title, the column below was published on Nov. 5, 2017. We republish it today because it is relevant and enlightening for this morning’s joint appearance by Trump and Putin. In the context of Putin’s use of Judo, it is well worth noting that, during the news conference, …

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Jul 09

What Happened to John?

Senator John McCain was a patriot who served, was tortured as a prisoner of the communists and served the country, we assume, to the best of his ability at the time. His sacrifices did not appear to embitter him during the years after his release. With a father and grandfather who both made Admiral, John’s …

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Jun 13

Cash, Comey and Clinton

The new perspective by NewsLede… Did you ever wonder why FBI Director handled the Clinton email and Foundation “Matters” the way he did? I don’t mean the fact that the “fix was in” and she was allowed to go unpunished. With the Obama/Clinton political machine running everything, the outcome was predetermined. Comey’s FBI ignored the …

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Jun 12

Media Madams

Filthy mouthed female comedians, a well worn porn performer and recurring royalty who runs for President “Because she is a woman” are the collective stuff of today’s news according to the Elite Media. “Focus on females” is obviously an order from Elite leaders who control most media outlets today. It probably originated because of their …

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Apr 30

NIMBY Journalists and the 1st Amendment

  aka hypocrisy as an art form Tough Truth from: People, like journalists, who use words as work tools never lack for what my people (the Irish) call “Chutzpah” Consider… -at an event organized by journalists -sponsored by the White House Correspondents’ Association -Ms. Talev, President of the group, a journalist for Bloomberg -chose …

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Apr 18

Lazy Reporters?

Critique by: Why don’t news reports disclose the identity of the forces originally blocking UN inspectors’ access to the Syrian chemical weapons attack site? Three parties have an interest in “cleansing” the site of evidence and planting false leads to mislead fact finders. They are Iran, Russia and Monster Assad of Syria. Who’s military …

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Mar 16

Fox News’ Democrat Beats CNN’s

Assessment by: Marie Harf, former spokesperson for Obama’s State Department, has become a strong, almost daily presence on Fox News. She has also become the most effective media personality for the Democratic Party’s point of view. Today, she is notably superior to anyone else in that role at any network or cable outlet. She …

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Mar 15

Reporters are becoming Lazy Lapdogs

Observation by: After eight years of Obama worship and even more years of Hillary hustle pandering for Democrats, most political reporters have become Lazy Lapdogs. They live off the scraps fed to them by their political masters. They simply cannot ask tough, meaningful questions to Democrats. Two very current examples are… Did any reporter …

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Mar 04

Chaos And Candor Are Shiny Objects In DC

Observation by: Grade B puppet shows let the strings show. Trump is a grade A show. He pulls the strings and unaware of the manipulation, wooden media marionettes dance like they know the score. Trump’s candor is more than the press can handle. They prefer leaks and their own spin on stories to the …

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Feb 09

Dangerous Pile of Schiff

Commentary by: In a town full of liars, Cong. Adam Schiff (D-CA) is known to be one of the most prolific sources of spewed nonsense. To note a phrase, “The truth is not within him”. Even more serious, Schiff deliberately uses his Top Democrat (Ranking Member) position on the House Intelligence Committee to lie …

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